Пью Вин, 56 лет, изучает русский язык

Пью Вин

For over 4 years, I had been trying off and on to study the Russian language through various teachers and also by just speaking to people. Until I came to study under Ms Sopilnyak, I never clearly understood the subtle nuances of the Russian grammar or the abstract logic of the Russian language.
Ms Sopilnyak was the 1st person who could explain all these items to me in a manner that made sense and therefore much easier for me to remember.
She has the ability to grasp at what pace she should conduct the lessons, the ability to explain the idiosyncrasies of the language and in general to make the lessons enjoyable and easier to concentrate. She can find fun and relevant examples at the right moments that also greatly enhanced my learning.
After 5 weeks under Ms Sopilnyak’s tutelage, I am much more confident in speaking Russian. I really felt that I have understood the grammar well. This means that all I need to do is practice and practice and learn new words and vowels, to get more and nore proficient in the Russian language.
Ms Sopilnyak’s English language skills are also very good. As such she could convert difiicult Russian phrases into easily understandable pieces of English text.
In short, Ms Sopilnyak made learning Russian a piece of cake.
I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn RRussian to ask for Ms Sopilnyak’s assistance.

Pyo Win
Senior Petrophysicist
Wintershall Holdings GMBH